Men's Autumn & Winter hair trends


Men's Autumn & Winter hair trends

September 25, 2018

The go to Autumn/Winter hairstyle for men

Fancy a hair change now the weather getting colder? In general, no matter what texture you’reworking with, you’re going to want a good men’s haircut and hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. Sometimes it’s easier to just keep it short and simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

The modern “short back and sides”:

Short hair all around the base of the head and a longer top, this is a good hairstyle for disguising any thinning hair, contouring thicker hair and adding texture to the curls. To keep it looking its best use foaming pomade, one of Paul Mitchell’s smoothing products, to keep the sides nice and slick and the top shaped,polished or textured. Don’t forget to finish off with a sprits of hair spray such as Paul Mitchell’s Extra body finishing spray, to keep it in place and looking its best.

Lots of Love Alexa x

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