Life of a Trainee


Life of a Trainee

May 11, 2018

Life of a Trainee

Here at destiny we give opportunities to complete NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in hairdressing which can continue onto NVQ Level 3 after as well.

Myself is due to complete NVQ Level 2 hairdressing which takes up to 18 months to complete. Being an apprentice at Destiny includes the role of being a full time assistant with weekly training sessions. Training sessions are always on a Tuesday afternoon which is 3 hours worth of leaning the practical skills needed for the qualification. During these 3 hours, this is the only time us trainees can get models in so that we can be assessed on all the skills we need to do. The models we get in are for colour (tint and foils), perming, setting, styling and cutting (one length, short and long layers and short hairstyles). We are always looking for models therefore if you are interested in being on a model and helping us girls out with our training, give the salon a call and we can book you in.

Another important part of our training is attending SPAN. SPAN is an education platform for hairdressing and usually takes up to a year to complete. You attend SPAN for one full day every 3-4 weeks. This is where all theory for hairdressing is learnt resulting in an exam for every topic you are educated in. All salons who are with SPAN training will send all their level 2 apprentices to SPAN therefore you will get to meet lots of other apprentices from lots of other salons.  

Being at SPAN also means you get the opportunity to compete in the SPAN completion that takes place every year. This is where Level 2 and 3 trainees take part in a hair up completions where this is a chosen theme that you must associate your hair on and it is different every year. It is a lot of fun as your salon team also get to be there and support you through the completion. It is also a day that salons are awarded for their achievements for the previous year and so that all salons can be appreciated for their hard working businesses.

Us trainees thought it was time for us to take a step onto social media and create our very own instagram page. We were inspired by our own @destinyhairdesign instagram as well as many of our stylist’s personal hair pages. Our instagram allows us to show you what we can do and what we get up to in our training sessions. It also helps us out with finding new models as we do a lot of posts looking for models in training for all us trainees. Therefore if you are interested and wanted to view our training instagram page you can do this by searching @destinghairaccedemy on instagram where you will see all of our previous model work as well as our block head training.

The whole time I have been an apprentice at destiny, I have loved every bit of it. I count myself as lucky as I have been able to work with such an amazing team who are very supportive in what all us trainees do and that all the stylists help us out with all that we need to practice with no question. I also could not have asked for any other trainers as Natalie and Aimee are just the best at what they do for all of us.

From Lauren x

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