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May 18, 2018

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I have been working at Destiny for over 11 years and have a passion of extremely high standards of customer care.

In my words I like the saying ‘Blue sky thinking’. We are a 365 salon, and offer a 5 step recipe. To create our guests with an individual hair design, which they can maintain, 365 days of the year.


Step one: Commitment and Agreement

First impressions count.

A lovely smile and handshake.  

We want you to know we will look after you and do our best make you feel at ease and we will reassure you that all will be okay.

Step two: 365 Consultation

We will do an in depth consultation with you and sit down at eye level with you.

We will discuss how you would like your hair whilst taking into consideration factors such as your face shape and the texture and density of your hair which will influence which style will best suit you. This will also allow us to know the right styling products, equipment and techniques to use.

We will also discuss what concerns you may have regarding your hair and will be able to analyse it too.

A great help to a successful consultation is also showing us pictures of what you like as well as us showing you our personal portfolios on Pintrest.

You can find our Pintrest by searching Destiny Hair Design which will show you what each stylist can do in terms of hair styling with many pictures of previous work done as well.

And finally both confirm with an agreed plan of action.


Step three and four: Commentary and Hands on

We will explain everything we are using on your hair regarding shampoos and products.

You will also have the chance to smell and touch/feel.

Also explaining equipment we are using to create your personal hair design for you and giving you the opportunity to have a go yourself if you desire to.

An explanation of your hair cut will be given to you. Showing you in the hand mirror to reassure you through you journey and letting you know when texturizing scissors or different tools for cutting are being used.

Step five: Salon Shop and WOW Goodbye

This is the final stage of your experience.

Our front of house/receptionist will be introduced to you. You would have been advised on a home care programme and will be asked if there is anything you need at home to help you create your new personal hair design.

Any administration will also be completed.

You will also be offered to book for a future appointment and hopefully leave feeling absolutely amazing

Love Lorrie x

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