Coco’s Foundation

Chris Connors owns three hair salons named Coco’s in Sussex. He was very moved by the desperate situation with the orphans in Africa and through contacts at Food4Africa became involved with helping orphanages including the one at Ubombo.

Once involved what really struck Chris was the immense gulf between life in the UK, and all the things we take for granted, and the day-to-day realities for the people in Africa. For Chris and other volunteers it really was a new and life changing experience.

The trauma centre at Ubombo was an existing building that, with their bare hands the Coco’s team extended over two and a half weeks in May 2010. The building now has separate bedrooms, a bathroom and a physio area to ensure each child's needs are met. This is a place they can call home and be part of a happy family. They remain here until they’re ready to go into the orphanage with the other children.

Coco’s Foundation is not just involving salons, including Destiny, in the building work at the orphanages, they’re also involving salons in raising money to help starving children in Africa. And what’s really important here is that every single penny that’s donated goes to helping the children. For more information visit the Coco's Foundation website.


Chris Connors - Coco'a Foundation